Our policy.
We ensure a quality service.

Quality Policy

All actions of who compose INNOVA AUTOMATIZACIÓN, S.L. go in the way of satisfy the necessity of our clients and our interested parts. To secure the Quality compromise, this Organization has decided to set up a Quality Management system, satisfying the international regulations UNE-ENISO 9001: 2015.

This establishment involve the compliance of regulatory and legal requirements that can be applied, as well as the continous improvement compromise. Concretely, the Quality Policy of INNOVA AUTOMATIZACIÓN, S.L is defined in:

– Being compromise with our client and the interesed parts, so that the necessary and appropriate solutions are dispose depending on the circumstances, mainteining a good time bond and encouraging the confidence in Quality and Excellence in our projects.

– Efficient asignation of functions and responsibilities so the quality concept is present in every level and activity.

– Raise awareness and motivate our personal, about the importance of the implementation and development of a Management System, guaranteeing their formation for the right performance of their activities inside the organization.

– Implementing and mainteining the internal measures for management and control capable of satisfy all the requirements and continually improve the efficiency of the Quality system and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and interested parts. Considering this guidelines, this business management, reaffirm its determined compromise joining efforts to achieve this objetives,that means this queality policy is understood, implanted and maintain daily in all levels inside this organization.